High Density Foam Release Stress Cozy Round Meditation Cushions

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This high density cozy rounded  foam cushion, that can help you to release stress, will become one of your favorite floor meditation cushions.  

Specification of these  meditation cushions 

  • Rounded floor cushion
  • Select size
  • Square seat cushion
  • Material: 86% polyester 14% nylon 
  • Filling: Memory Foam
  • Function: Pressure relief, relax, meditation
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Package Included: 1 x memory foam included

Features of these  meditation cushions

  • Environmentally friendly by the skilled artisans,
  • You can use it as a yoga cushion, a bed pillow, balcony cushion, or a patio cushion, to add serenity to your busy life.To meditate, to chat with your friends, to sense the quietness from the East.
  • Easy to clean, machine washable cover
  • Popularly use to meditation, zen, yoga, and tea ceremony, floor window decoration.

Do I need meditation cushion?

If you've ever had pins-and-needles in your feet or an achy back while meditating, you need to prop yourself up with cushions. In fact, unless you're in the . 01% of people who are comfortable sitting in lotus on the floor with no back support, cushions should be part of your meditation ritual.