Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set Gravity Yoga Bungee Cord Resistance Belt Bundle - Bungee Training

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The Heavy Bungee Resistance Band is an excellent choice, particularly for agility and plyometric training. It plays a vital role in enhancing agility, boosting speed, improving balance, and strengthening various muscle groups, ultimately elevating your physical skills to a higher level. This versatile tool enables a wide range of effective exercises to help you reach your fitness goals.

Common Questions and Answers 

Do This Yoga Bungee Cord Resistance Belt Set Include Ceiling Mount?

No,Because all ceilings are different, the hardware that goes into your ceiling is not included in this kit. However the Extension Strap (Daisy chain) could be used to mount to a round pipe or beam in the house or Outdoor.Great for Solo or Partner training Sport. 

How high is the ceiling suitable for?

Our Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set fit for ceilings about 8 feet tall.If you have higher ceilings,Please purchase our longer daisy chains to meet your height demands 

What Is The Left And Right/Front And Back Distance For Multiple Bungee Dance Rope Installation?

Left and Right Distance:1.5-2m,Front and Back:1.8-2m 

Does this product come with guide book?

Yes, our yoga bungee cord included.

Is there an age limit?

Better 10 years old or older.

Different bungee cord consist of different elastic cores, Fit for different weight limit.

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