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Foldable PVC yoga mat - felixaeble mat

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PVC yoga practical yoga mat for beginners, easy to carry and foldable.

Our 4mm  and 5mm Foldable Yoga Mats are ultra lightweight, highly compact, and super cute. These mats folds flat and easily fits in your carry-on or tote bag, making to and from yoga studio travel easier than ever.

Is it necessary to use a yoga pad? 

While a pad or yoga mat isn't necessary, it can make your yoga practice more comfortable. Mats or yoga pads add padding to the surface where you are practicing and depending on where that is, can make your practice easier and less distracted.

As with any form of exercise, the mind-body connection is integral to your practice, making it all the more important that you enjoy the feel and grip of your mat. You’ll want to take into consideration the mat’s length so it’s compatible with your size, the material for traction and grip, and thickness based on your preferred comfort.

Mat Features: 

Material: PVC

Usage: Yoga, Gym and Fitness 

Color: Multi Colors 

Thickness: 4 mm, 5mm 



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