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Cooling Towel Sports Towel Soft Convenient Absorbent Easy-carry Towels(c)


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ships from hong kong.When you are exercising, you will have a lot of sweat.If you do not dry, it is easy to catch a cold.Apathetic sports towel.Soak it in the water, then wring it gently and shake it.The towel will become cool! mesh structure, faster sweat absorption.When you sweat after exercise, this towel will give you a trace of coolness! avoid washing with clothes containing zipper, hook or button.These items will damage the terry.Material: cold feeling fabric.Size: 30x100cm(11.8"x39.3").Mesh structure, faster sweat absorption.Delicate and even workmanship, sturdy and durable.Sweat-absorbent, portable.Suitable for yoga, running, etc.