Girl Scouts set up cookie stand outside marijuana dispensary in Chicago

A group of smart cookies have cracked the code.

Just outside of Dispensary 33, one of Chicago‘s recreational marijuana shops, a Girl Scouts troop set up their cookie stand in a genius way to sell boxes.

The group of girls, along with their parents, set up shop outside the store on Sunday, eventually selling around 230 boxes of Thin Mints and Samoas, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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While this isn’t a new tactic — selling the famous cookies to pot buyers — it is especially significant for Illinois, given Jan. 1 marked the legalization of weed in the state, per the Marijuana Policy Project.

“It was a decent sale,” troop leader Melissa Soukup said.

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Dispensary 33 shared a video from outside the store, writing: “Reporting to you live at Dispensary 33. We have Girl Scout cookies! And not just the cannabis kind. Support your local Girl Scouts with us.”

Customers seemed thrilled with the option to buy cookies on their way out, a spokesperson for Dispensary 33 told NBC Chicago.

“The response was incredibly positive,” Abigail Watkins said. “People were so excited, our customers loved it, our staff loved it.”

Impressed patrons of the pot store praised the girls as “the future leaders America needs,” while another Twitter user claimed the combination was “a match made in heaven.”

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This isn’t the first time a Girl Scout troop has had this unbe-leaf-able idea.

In 2018, a California girl scout teamed up with local dispensary Urbn Leaf to sell some cookies. According to 10News, the girl’s unnamed father said she sold more than 300 boxes in six hours.

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As for whether or not this violates any Girl Scout rules, regional spokesperson for the organization Britney Bouie said: “We allow it as long as it’s approved by the parents and the troop leaders.”

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“It’s really great to see these very entrepreneurial girls getting out there in the community,” she added.

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