TPE Cool Breathable Pillow Protection Cervical - Washable Pillows With Pillowcase

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3D honeycomb sleep black technology, relieve stress and protect neck and sleep comfortably‼

Five Advantages

【Decompression Head Neck】innovative hollow honeycomb shape soothes the cervical spine, and evenly relieves pressure.

【Soft Waxy Q Bomb】the rebound of 0.16 seconds dynamically fits the sleeping position.

【Directly Washed】The whole body can be washed clean and safe.

Permanent anti-oxidation, stable and durable performance.

【TPE technology】 new material, extraordinary fine and soft elastic, turning over more smoothly.

【Wavy Curve Two Height】Wave-shaped ergonomic design, durable, fits the shoulder and neck curve, supports the head and neck in multiple angles, and breaks down the pressure.


1. It can protect the neck and head, and protect your lover's arm from pain and numbness.

2. Ergonomic design to relieve neck pain and stress.

3. Suitable for back / side sleepers, lumbar support and arm rest.


1.About the product pattern, it will be sent randomly. If you have any questions, please consult us.

2.The Pillow is integrally formed, and there may be slight, defects on the edge of the network, but it does not affect.

3.The surface layer of the pillow core is made of Ldpe powder(food contact grade) to prevent adhesion of the inner wall of the pillow core, and does not affect.

4.Because of the specific elasticity of pillow products, there will be an error of 2-3 cm when measuring the size.It is not used as an excuse for disputes and refunds. Please be informed.