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Peanut Yoga Ball

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Size: 45*90cm


Why to Use Yoga Ball? 

1- Body weight workouts are useful mentally and physically since you’re basically working against your own body weight. From planks, push-ups, dips and mountain climbers, most workout routines can incorporate a stability ball and improve the results.

As an example of stability ball benefits, mountain climbers, when combined with a stability ball, can relieve tension in your shoulders and arms, helping you to pay more attention to core movement.

2- It’s time to swap your exercise bench with a stability ball! Pretty much any workout that you perform on a bench can be done on a stability ball, making it more challenging and hence more rewarding. These include rows, dumbbell presses and bicep curls.

As you perform all these, you will also be strengthening your core because you have to constantly use your core muscles to maintain stability.

3- Using a stability ball regularly during your workout routine can improve your flexibility. Even if the ball is not actually part of your workout routine, you can just use it to stretch and warm up your muscles before workout commences.

This reduces the risk of injury while keeping your joints and muscles functioning optimally.

4- It’s not referred to as a stability ball for no reason; even just sitting on a stability ball engages your stabiliser muscles. Sitting on a stability ball requires the use of your back and abdominal muscles to maintain your balance on the ball. Incorporating an exercise ball into your routine can be beneficial for a healthy posture.

It is however critical that you maintain a proper alignment during any workout routine that involves a stability ball to prevent injury.

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