Meditation Clothes- Uniform Kung Fu Clothes- Tai Chi Clothing Exercise Suit with Three-Quarter Sleeves

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Women's Martial Arts Uniform Kung Fu Clothes Cotton Tai Chi Clothing Exercise Suit with Three-Quarter Sleeves



1. Crafted from high quality Handmade Cotton & Linen Material; Breathable & Moisture Absorption, Relax, Comfortable, which will prevent excessive perspiration and keeps body comfortable.; Inelastic but Loose.

2. Pure Handcraft, Three-quarter Sleeves Tai Chi uniform features traditional Chinese Covered Buttons, Round Neck and Butterfly Cascade Crisscross Hem, Trousers have elastic waist and drawstring design at the trouser legs.

3. Soft and Relax. In Tai Chi or Kung Fu practicing, the uniform does not fit close to the body and make the practitioner feel comfortable, meeting the requirements of Tai Chi or Kung Fu practicing.

4. Perfect for Martial Arts Kung Fu Tai Chi Zen Meditation and so on practicing; and excellent for both training and performing.