A Positive Product of the Pandemic: Culture (i4cp login required)


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“Our engagement results are so much higher … than
they were just day to day,” said one of the members of our Employee
Experience Exchange group via Zoom recently, echoing the sentiments other
participants had written in the chat section. “I feel like we have always
really cared about our employees a lot, but we just say it more, we’re so much
more demonstrative about it now. We really care about our employees and … we’re
showing it more.”

That may be one of the ultimate silver linings of
the COVID-19 crisis—and hopefully also in the events following George
Floyd’s death—true leaders have stepped up, and companies have exhibited a
level of empathy the workforce has never seen before. Examples are everywhere,
from heartfelt and frequent communication to additional pay, relaxation of
working hours, additional benefits and more vacation. Many companies have gone
the extra mile to help their employees cope with levels of crisis most have
never experienced in their lifetimes.

And for those companies, while that reaction is
heartwarming, it’s also strategic. As Mark Cuban said in relation to the
pandemic a few weeks ago, “How companies respond … is going to define their
brand for decades. How you treat your employees today will have more impact on
your brand in future years than any amount of advertising, any amount of
anything you literally could do.” 

Actions during trying times are amplified. With the
confluence of crises, an organization’s consumer brand and employer brand are,
for good or bad, being determined now. As we’ve outlined in the New
Corporate Currency
, the interconnectedness of Purpose, Culture and
Brand has always existed but is much more pronounced during this pandemic than
it ever was in the past. 

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